There are many words used to describe Miles Stroth: Actor. Guru. Warchief.

But on Saturday, June 22nd at 9pm at The Pack Theater, he'll have another name: Dreamweaver.

Miles Stroth is the Founder of The Pack Theater and for one night only he'll be sitting in with the mighty comedy warriors, Dr. God for the Dr. God Revival. Part of the legendary Chicago improv team, The Family (Adam McKay, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, Neil Flynn, Pete Hulne, Ali Farahnakian), Miles has either performed with or taught a large percentage of today's successful modern comedic actors. As BOC so impartially puts it, "You've either studied with Miles or you're fooling yourself."

Come join Miles and the boys as they come together for the rare live treat (Miles has not performed with Dr. God since 3.3.13) and attempt to burn The Pack Theater to the ground. Seating is limited!!!


Saturday, 6.22.19, 9PM - Eventbrite for reserved tickets!

The Pack Theater

6470 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90038

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AuthorJustin Ware