Since the dawn of time, or at least since 2010, Dr. God and Matthew Lillard have loved being a part of SF Sketchfest. And Friday, January 20, we’re coming back. 

But wait… Jan 20… isn’t that… Yep, it’s Inauguration Day. And in the spirit of addressing the elephant in the room, we know a lot of you will be dazed, drunk or homicidal. But rather than wallow in despair or shake your fist at the sky, we are happy to provide you with door #3: come hang out with us. We can’t promise to fix America in an hour of improv, but we can distract you with a few laughs for a while. And then we can help you accomplish the drunk part.

Fortunately for all of us, we can’t imagine a better person for his particular show than our Patron Saint and one of our all-time best Guest Revivalists, Matthew Lillard. Based on suggestions from you, yes YOU, our favorite star of stage and screen will weave several brilliant storytelling threads together, which we will then spin into scenes of improv gold creating a wondrous tapestry of hilarity. And if that weren’t enough, another one of our favorite fellas, OG Dr. God member Brendan McLoughlin will be sitting in.

Join us and laugh while you still can!


AuthorValerie Ware