There aren’t a lot of people where you can simply say their names and receive a knowing nod and universal agreement on their "cool factor".

Colton Dunn is one of those people — and for good reason.

A longtime friend of Dr. God, an incredibly funny performer, and an overall great dude, Colton is taking time out of his busy schedule on MadTV and Superstore to tell some stories for our next Revival at iOWest. 

He'll provide the tales, we’ll provide the comedy, and the next time you hear his name, you can give that knowing nod. Hope to see you there!

Dr. God Revival with Colton Dunn

Saturday, August 20th @ 10pm at iO West on the Main Stage - tickets are $10 (FREE for iO students)

For tickets, call (323) 962-7560, click on the link above, or find this show on the iOWest page.

AuthorValerie Ware