The term "Renaissance Man" gets thrown around a lot these days (although probably not as often as it was during the Renaissance), but in the case of our March guest, it's absolutely true.

In addition to being a successful standup comedian and hosting the popular CrabFeast comedy podcast, Ryan's also one hell of a producer, as we learned when he kicked ass and took names as the Line Producer of our just-wrapped pilot presentation. What better time than the present, we thought, to have him come join us as our Guest Revivalist?

Oh, and trust us, this guy's been around comedy a long time, and he's got more than a few stories. It's gonna be a fun one!

Dr. God Revival with Ryan Sickler

Saturday, March 19th @ 10pm at iO West on the Main Stage - tickets are $10 (FREE for iO students)

For tickets, call (323) 962-7560, click on the link above, or find this show on the iO West page

AuthorJustin Ware