You know him from Mad Men. Dharma and Greg. One Crazy Summer. And oh yeah... as OUR BOSS!

That's right, on Saturday, July 11th, Dr. God invites our onscreen boss, the one and only JOEL MURRAY, in anticipation of the theatrical and VOD release of our first feature film, Bloodsucking Bastards. In BSB, Joel plays Ted, the beleaguered man in charge, who just needs that Phallicyte presentation done by morning. Come see if any of us get fired, this Saturday, July 11th... and go see Bloodsucking Bastards in theaters September 4th!!

The Dr. God Revival w/ Joel Murray

Saturday, July 11th @ 10pm at iO West on the Main Stage - tickets are $10 (FREE for iO students)

For tickets, call (323) 962-7560, click on the link above, or find this show on the iO West page

AuthorValerie Ware