"A talented darling with fire-red hair that will capture your heart with a single smile."

Yes, we're talking about Sean Cowhig.

BUT WAIT! This month Dr. God welcomes a guest that may take Sean's title of "Redheaded adorable ingénue": from MTV's Awkward, the amazing actress Jillian Rose Reed!

Come watch Jillian and Sean battle it out to see who is the cutest red-haired starlet in the land! (Or come to see Jillian tell stories and Sean improvise with the rest of Dr. God.

Dr. God Revival with Jillian Rose Reed

Saturday, October 17th @ 10pm at iO West on the Main Stage - tickets are $10 (FREE for iO students)

For tickets, call (323) 962-7560, click on the link above, or find this show on the iO West page

AuthorValerie Ware