In honor of the premiere of Dr. God’s first feature, BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS, as the opening night movie for the Slamdance Film Festival on January 23, we’ve asked the friends of ours who lived, toiled, and died (maybe – no spoilers!) in the desolate office environment that provided the setting for the film to come play with us for our pre-Slamdance Revival.

Fortunately, these are all funny folks, including the hilarious Parvesh Cheena (OUTSOURCED, A TO Z), who will be doing the monologues to kick us off. Also joining us onstage will be our favorite officefolk from the film including Zabeth Russell, Brian Konowal, James Warfield, Mike Hughes, and Jessica Rothert. Crowded? Sure. But it’s also gonna be FUN.

Hope to see you there!

AuthorJustin Ware