Surely the actor we miss most after his explosive debut this season on Game of Thrones. Pascal has a few projects in the works, including playing the bad guy against Joss Whedon regular Fran Kranz in the vampire horror-comedy Bloodsucking Bastards. Oberyn as a vampire? Yes, please.

Joanna Robinson, Vanity Fair




"Then Dr. God took the stage and introduced their guest, Matthew Lillard. Down to earth would be an understatement in describing the SLC Punk. Lillard was unapologetically unpretentious while sharing personal stories. 

He was countered perfectly by the five-player powerhouse that is known as Dr. God. Football has the '67 Packers, basketball the '92 Bulls and improv has Dr. God. Definitely one of the tightest teams in improv today, if Dr. God continues performing, there is no limit to their potential. 

And in a festival filled with marquee names, they put up a god dammed impressive, standout show."

- Tony Bartolone, The Huffington Post


“The Doctor God Revival is the best experience for your money. The troupe is funny and their timing perfect. They do not let stale jokes happen.”    

- Brian Walton, Editor-in-Chief of


“Los Angeles Comedy, TOP PICK!”

Los Angeles-based comedy group Dr. God is taking its collective talents to both the big and small screens with its upcoming film “Bloodsucking Bastards” and the soon-to-air TV series “MOCKpocalypse,” TheWrap has learned.

Consisting of Sean Cowhig, Neil Garguilo, Brian James O'Connell, David Park and Justin Ware, Dr. God is an improv and sketch comedy group that has achieved national popularity in the alternative comedy scene.

- Jeff Sneider, The Wrap


To find out more about the world of improv, 944 sat down with Brian O’Connell of the improvisational comedy troupe Dr. God to talk about how they work on stage, and what it is that makes improv such a special experience.   - Kevin Whipps,


“…the entire show was just a riot.”  - Brian Gallagher, MovieWeb


…with a group of improv actors (Dr. God), even headcheese can be funny.”  - Amy Scattergood


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