"A lot of cross genre attempts only do one or the other well or fall completely on their faces. But this one is a real gut buster (figuratively and literally) loaded with rapid-fire humor and buckets of blood certain to entertain the most discerning horror fan." - Patrick Cooper


"Multi-platform entertainment company Shout! Factory has acquired North American rights to “Bloodsucking Bastards,” a vampire comedy-horror feature directed by Brian James O’Connell and written by the comedy troupe Dr. God" - Jeff Sneider


"Bloodsucking Bastards Is A Special Kind Of Horror Comedy That Both Goes For The Jugular And Tickles Your Funny Bone In Delightfully Inventive Ways, While Giving Us The Next Big Catch-phrase To Boot." - Brian Gallagher


"Then Dr. God took the stage and introduced their guest, Matthew Lillard. Down to earth would be an understatement in describing the SLC Punk. Lillard was unapologetically unpretentious while sharing personal stories. 

He was countered perfectly by the five-player powerhouse that is known as Dr. God. Football has the '67 Packers, basketball the '92 Bulls and improv has Dr. God. Definitely one of the tightest teams in improv today, if Dr. God continues performing, there is no limit to their potential. 

And in a festival filled with marquee names, they put up a god dammed impressive, standout show."

- Tony Bartolone, The Huffington Post


"It sounds like this one is going to be a lot of fun and certainly an interesting SHAUN OF THE DEAD-like twist on the vampire genre." - Ryan Miller


"The cinematography and editing of Bloodsucking Bastards delivers, whether it's fast-paced action, flashbacks by various characters, or hysterical mise en scene moments. The comedic writing is well timed as well as memorable." - Debbie Cerda


"The first feature film written by the comedy genius team Dr. God. Props to director Brian James O’Connell for excellent use of short flashbacks throughout the film to transform the exposition into hilarious comedic moments." - John Ford



"Just after seeing the trailer, this writer feels confident that BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS will jump towards many horror fan’s most anticipated list, including his own." - Ken W. Hanley


"Dr. God is a a full-service content creation machine for film and television, working as writers, actors, producers, and directors (they’ll even get you a coffee if you ask nicely)." - Derek Anderson



"The new, and very good, vampire comedy Bloodsucking Bastards has an official home, and it couldn’t possibly be a better one! Read on for the skinny, and don’t forget to wipe your mouth when feasting." - Steve Barton


"Director Brian James O'Connell does a masterful job with a tricky style and makes the whole thing work on multiple levels. This is one to watch out for." - Sinful Celluloid


"All horror fans who loves a good horror comedy are greatly recommended to go out and see this movie." - Hell Horror


Dr. God’s ‘MOCKPocalypse’ Returning for Second Season on AXS TV. (Exclusive) - Jeff Sneider


“The Doctor God Revival is the best experience for your money. The troupe is funny and their timing perfect. They do not let stale jokes happen.”    

- Brian Walton, Editor-in-Chief of


To find out more about the world of improv, 944 sat down with Brian O’Connell of the improvisational comedy troupe Dr. God to talk about how they work on stage, and what it is that makes improv such a special experience.   - Kevin Whipps,


BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS & DR. GOD with Brian James O’Connell