Justin Ware works as a screenwriter, producer, actor and comedian in Los Angeles.  He’s written numerous scripts for major studios and television networks including AMAZING GIRL for Paramount (Ian Bryce producing), THE WAKEUP CALL for Fox (Millar Gough) and multiple rewrites and assignments for Nickelodeon and Disney Channel.  His Disney Channel movie CLOUD 9 was one of the highest rated family movies of the year, and he’s currently writing another project for the network, ALEX UNLIMITED, based on the Tokyopop series of books.  His production company Hollywood Farms (a partnership with producer Kirkland Tibbels) is currently packaging his script THE UNBROKEN LINE, a true story set in the world of professional football, with Mayhem Pictures. His movies have ranged from a family-oriented musical about high school show choir  (Nickelodeon’s SPECTACULAR) to a raunchy rated-R comedy (THE POOL BOYS, starring Matthew Lillard, Brett Davern, and Rachelle Lefevre).  Justin also produced Dr. God’s first feature, BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS, in addition to playing the part of Andrew.


A native of northern Wisconsin and a graduate of Amherst College, Justin trained and performed as a comedy improviser in Chicago before moving to Los Angeles, including at the famed Second City and IO theaters. Justin also got in the hot seat opposite Regis Philbin in Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?, but the audience led him astray on a question about organic food.  Bastards.


He’s repped by the Gersh Agency.